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Incident Report No. 92

Incident Report 92 features Kevin Tipple, Dru Ann Love, J. Kingston Pierce, Kristopher Zgorksi, and a little more.

Here are several sites that I go to on a regular basis to get a run down of crime fiction news and reviews. You should too.

Kevin’s Corner, which luck has it is run by a Kevin, specifically KevinTipple is an indispensable website if you follow crime fiction. Kevin covers all sorts of crime fiction on his website and it should be a daily stop for you.

Next up is dru’s book musings by Dru Ann Love. It focuses more on the cozy side of the tracks but police procedurals and psychological thrillers make the presence known.

J. Kingston Pierce’s The Rap Sheet is also an important website to visit regularly. Pierce also runs Killer Covers, which focuses on, you guessed it, book covers.

Another important crime news and reviews site is Kristopher Zgorski’s BOLO Books which was received the Raven Award from the Mystery Writers of America in 2018.

Yeah, I know these are all sites based in the US, so I’ve got some work to do next time I post something like this again.

If you haven’t watched “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix, please do so. A lot of what is covered is stuff we already know, specifically we all live in a social media bubble, but there are some scary tidbits. Though the documentary peters out towards the end as it tries to wrap everything in a nice red bow, it’s still worth the 94 minutes of your life. I also wasn’t a fan with after-school special style of the docudrama that was interspersed throughout the more important interviews, but I get it – maybe that’s an effective way to get the message out to more people.

The big takeaway that we all tend to forget as we scroll through our social media addictions is that these companies are selling our attention to advertisers as well as manipulating what we see.

We are the product.

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Excellent! I was a teenager when I first heard this formulation, in an interview with the journalist Linda Ellerbee. She was talking about television but it’s a good idea to remember–when the service/product is nominally “free,” it’s usually because we are the product.

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