Flash Bang Mysteries, Lucy Zhang, and Jon Bassoff

The Friday edition of Small Crimes features Jon Bassoff, Ian K. Smith, Flash Bang Mysteries, Jim Thomsen, Michael Pool, Maryse Meijer, and Lucy Zhang.

Jon Bassoff is out with a new book, “Captain Clive’s Dreamworld (Eraserhead Press; 2020). I’m a few chapters in, and wow.

Austin Camacho interviews Ian K. Smith, author of “The Unspoken” (Thomas & Mercer; 2020).

Flash Bang Mysteries is soon to be no more.

Interview with crime fiction editor Jim Thomsen.

Interview with Michael Pool, author of the Riley Reeves mystery series

Review of Maryse Meijer’s “The Seventh Mansion” (FSG; 2020).

New short fiction by Lucy Zhang.

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