Incident Report

Incident Report No. 93

The Incident Report No. 93 includes over 50 links of articles, stories, poems and reviews for the last week of September.

I’m on vacation in the land of the Hatfields and McCoys. Cell phone connectivity is non-existent and wi-fi is spotty at best. This is my last post this week, except a review that will magically get posted on Friday.


Flash Bang Mysteries is soon to be no more.

Michael Cannell gives us a brief tour of New York gangster nightclubs of the 1920s.

Interview with Michael Pool, author of the Riley Reeves mystery series

On the importance of Richard Wright’s “Native Son”.

Interview with crime fiction editor Jim Thomsen.

Austin Camacho interviews Ian K. Smith, author of “The Unspoken” (Thomas & Mercer; 2020).

Alison Stine, author of “Road Out of Winter” (MIRA Books!; 2020) interviewed on the Unlikeable Female Characters podcast.

Jenny Bhatt on the art of literary criticism.

Six Ridiculous Questions: Lee Matthew Goldberg at Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

Pat Kinsella on the problem with exporting America’s writing programs at the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The First Two Pages: “All Shook Down” by Libby Cudmore at Art Taylor’s blog.

Interview with Jeremy Robert Johnson, author of “The Loop” (Saga Press; 2020) at LitReactor.

At The Times Literary Supplement, “Taken at the flood How Agatha Christie moved with her times” by Laura Thompson.

Charles Pappas of the death of Bad Girls in movies at Retreat From Oblivion.

The Los Angeles Review of Books has put together a small anthology, “The Banned Book Reader”. It’s available for a donation as small as $1.

Stories and Poetry

New short fiction by Bobby Mathews at All Due Respect.

New flash fiction from Mark McConville at Bristol Noir.

New short story by Joe Kilgore at Close to the Bone.

New short fiction by Lucy Zhang.

New short fiction by Gabriel Hart at Bristol Noir.

“The Gravitational Constant”, a short story by Bill Gillard.

“Crucial”, a poem by Susan Tepper.

“The Man from Goldman Sachs” by Preston Lang, flash fiction at Pulp Modern.

Short fiction from Paul D. Brazill, “Everyday People”.

“A Bachelor’s Guide To Everything”, a poem by John Patrick Robbins at Punk Noir Magazine.

“A Rotten Plan” by Morgan Boyd, short fiction at Punk Noir Magazine.

The Quietus looks back at Radiohead’s “Kid A” which turned 20.

Short fiction by Phebe Jewell at Fictive Dream.

“Men In the Moon”, short fiction by Mary B. Sellers.

“His Last Vignette”, a poem by Mark Tulin at The Rye Whiskey Review

“Hex Boyfriend” by Andrea Smith, a short story at Close To The Bone.

“Shot Three Times” by Terry Dawley, poetry at The Fifty-Two.

Peter Derk on the joys and sorrows of loving obscure books.

“An Algorithm for Murder” by Michael A. Raithel, short fiction at Shotgun Honey.


Review of Lisa Unger’s “Confessions on the 7:45” (Harlequin; 2020) at BOLO Books.

Review of Maryse Meijer’s “The Seventh Mansion” (FSG; 2020).

Review of “Slow Bear” by Anthony Neil Smith (Fahrenheit Press; 2020) at Econoclash Review.

Review of “The Island” by Ben McPherson (Harper Collins; 2020) at BOLO Books.”

Review of “Culture in the Third Reich” by Moritz Föllmer, translated by Jeremy Noakes and Lesley Sharpe (Oxford; 2020).

Review of “Bank Blogger” by Jeffrey Frye (Murder Slim Press; 2020) at Col’s Criminal Library.

Review of “The Familiar Dark” by Amy Engel (Dutton; 2020) at Black Guys Do Read.

Review of “The Night Drop” by Ian D. Wright (2020) at Col’s Criminal Library.

Podcasts and Other Media

Hari Kunzru interviewed on The New York Times Book Review podcast.

Film Noir posters from aroud the world.

“Times Square”: A Forgotten Punk And New Wave Movie Soundtrack Turns 40.

Album review of Brent Cobb’s “Keep ‘Em On They Toes”.

Photographs by Lawrence & Lothar Stelter at Fragments of Noir.

More illustrations focusing on “Dirty Femmes” at Fragments of Noir

Review of “Mad at the World: A Life of John Steinbeck” by William Souder (Norton; 2020)

Review of Netflix’s “American Murder”, their latest true crime documentary.

Why “Miller’s Crossing” Is the Best Coen Brothers Movie

The Big Lonely City photography series continues at Fragments of Noir.

K A Laity reviews “The Long Goodbye” (1973) at Punk Noir Magazine.

Interview with David Gaughran about author promotion at The Creative Penn Podcast.

Andrew Nette continues his series Parker on the Screen with “Slayground” (1983).

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