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Incident Report No. 94

If you look carefully, you might find a kitchen sink in this week’s Incident Report.

Way too many links. Let’s give y’all a headstart.


A nice article about the importance of indie publishers by Matt Keyes.

The 1951 adaptation of Native Son (starring Richard Wright) is a darkly satiric noir.

Bilingual authors are challenging the practice of italicizing non-English words.

Poetry is coming to Close to the Bone at the end of the month.

Dana King on the (un)importance of backstory.

“The Children of the Appalachians” by Rebecca Bengal at The Paris Review.

Raymond Chandler’s letters to a younger crime writer offer a revealing—and often ugly—glimpse into his later years.

Colman Keane continues his deep dive into the works of Ed Gorman.

“The Strange History of Mickey Spillane and New Zealand’s ‘Jukebox Killer’ by Andrew Nette at CrimeReads.

The Stiletto Gumshoe looks at two recent stories about sex in crime fiction.

Interview with M. E. Browning, author of “Shadow Ridge” (Crooked Lane Books; 2020).

The First Two Pages: “Schemes in the Dark” by Jennifer Berg at Art Taylor’s blog.

Why Bryn Greenwood is proud to have her books called crime fiction.

An introduction to the latest volume of “Coast to Coast Noir” (Down and Out Books; 2020) from one of the editors, Paul D. Marks.

“Contextual Cues for Predatory Targeting: Pattern repetition improves the speed and efficiency of victimizing” by Katherine Ramsland, PhD at The Crime Fiction Writer’s Blog.

Book Reviews

Review of “Find The Dead” by Peter James (Macmillan UK; 2020) at The Rap Sheet.

Review of “An Obscure Road to Hollywood: Scoundrels and Spitballers- Writers and Hollywood in the 1930s” by Philippe Garnier (Black Pool Productions; 2020)

Review of “The Six” by Luca Veste (Simon & Schuster UK; 2020)

Review of “Lost Writings” by Franz Kafka, translated by Michael Hofmann (New Directions; 2020).

Review of “Chesapeake Crimes:Invitation to Murder” edited by Donna Andrews, Barb Goffman & Marcia Talley (Wildside Press; 2020) at BOLO Books.

Review of “The Unidentified: Mythical Monsters, Alien Encounters, and Our Obsession with the Unexplained” by Colin Dickey (Viking; 2020).

Review of “To Cook a Bear” by Mikael Niemi (MacLehose Press; 2020).

Review of “Winter Counts” by David Heska Wanbli Weiden (Ecco; 2020) at Lesa’s Book Critiques.

Review of “The Searcher” by Tana French at NPR.

My review of “Third Degree” by Ross Klavan, Tim O’Mara, and Charles Salzberg (Down and Out Books; 2020).

Review of “No Strings” by Mark Safranko (2012) at Col’s Criminal Library.

Review of “Touchfeather” by Jimmy Sangster (1968).

Review of “Dear Child” by Romy Hausmann (Flatiron Books; 2020)

Review of “21 Immortals: Inspector Mislan and the Yee Sang Murders” by Rozlan Mohd Noor (Arcade Crimewise; 2020) at Los Angeles Review of Books.

Review of “Kiss Her Goodbye” by Wade Miller (1956) at The Dark Time.

Review of “Only the Women Are Burning” by Nancy Burke (Apprentice House; 2020)

Review of “Dig 2 Graves” by Andrew Davie (Close to the Bone; 2020) at NewRetroWave.

Review of S.A. Cosby’s “Blacktop Wasteland” (Flatiron Books; 2020) at Pulp Curry.

Review of “Innocent or Guilty?” by A.M. Taylor (One More Chapter; 2019).

Review of “The Man in the White Linen Suit” by David Handler (William Morrow; 2019).

Review of “Devil May Carer” and “Sinner Take All” by Wade Miller (Stark House Press; 2020, originally published in 1950 and 1960).

Review of “The Mystery of the Cowboy Summit” by Darryle Purcell (2020) at Pulp Fiction Reviews.

Review of “Deception by Gaslight” by Kate Belli (Crooked Lane Books; 2020)

Review of “Burn You Twice” by Mary Burton (Montlake; 2020)

Fiction and Poetry

New fiction by Catherine A. Kelley at Every Day Fiction.

New poetry by Michael Minassian.

New fiction by Erika Veurink at Cheap Pop.

New flash fiction by J.B. Stevens at Mystery Tribune.

New short fiction by Judith Present.

New poetry by Mike James.

New fiction by Joe Taylor at The Rye Whiskey Review.

New fiction by H.E. Vogl at Every Day Fiction.

New fiction by Dana Liebelson at Cheap Pop.

“card shop carl”, a poem by John Grochalski.

Short fiction by Sebnem Sanders.

Flash fiction by Paul Garrett.

Poem by Jay Passer.

New flash fiction by A.G. Hilton at Pulp Modern.

Short fiction by Nathan Pettigrew at Bristol Noir.

“The Only Time Fun Comes Before Work is in the Dictionary” by Andrew Davie, a short story, at The Daily Drunk.

New fiction from Nikki Dolson at TOUGH

Poetry by Ian Lewis Copestick at Punk Noir Magazine

“Stakes For Sea Creatures Replaced By Something New” by Kristin Garth, a poem at Punk Noir Magazine

New poetry by Giovanni Mangiante at The Rye Whiskey Review

A new poem by Tom Barlow at The Five-Two.

Short fiction by Sean Thor Conroe at Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

New fiction by Darrent Sant at Close To The Bone.

Poetry by Ben Newell.

New poems from Mark McConville at Punk Noir Magazine.

Short fiction by Paul D. Brazill.

Podcasts and Other Media

Gytha Lodage interviewed on Two Crime Writers And A Microphone.

Interview with Dean Koontz at Otherppl.

Via Punk Noir Magazine, “The Disembodied Parts”, a podcast by Pablo D’Stair.

Helping Writers Become Authors: Ep. 522: The Link Between Your Story’s First Plot Point and Third Plot Point

K.M. Weiland appears on The Creative Penn or is it the other way around?

Writing Excuses on “Researching for Writing the Other”.

Murder in a Small Canadian Town with J.G. Toews on It’s a Mystery.

Illustrations by Geraldine Theurot.

Billy Strings on World Cafe.

Craig Sisterson on fifteen great crime shows to watch at Crime Fiction Lover.

Kronos Quartet Blends Words, Music, and Magic to Celebrate Pete Seeger at No Depression.

Pulp illustrations by Glen Orbik.

“Modern Western Films Written Better Than Ever” by David Cranmer at LitReactor.

Paul Matts reviews the various artist album “Sir J.J. Special: J.J. Johnson’s Ska and Rock Productions 1966-1968” at We Are Cult.

Big Lonely City photography series continues.

Pulp illustrations by the Unknown at The Stiletto Gumshoe.

Film Review of “Female Human Animal” (2018) at Punk Noir Magazine.

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