The Weird Wild West, The Southland, and John Bowie

Friday’s Small Crimes features John Bowie, Bristol Noir, Isabel Allende, Ron Corbett, Barnes & Noble, Johnny Shaw, Keven McQueen, and Lance Mason. #sixlinksandabook

New book from John Bowie, “Untethered: Dreams of Future Memories” (Red Dog Press; 2020). You may know Bowie as the guy behind the exceptional blog, Bristol Noir.

Interview with Isabel Allende at Fictions Writers Review.

Interview with Ron Corbett, author of “Mission Road” (ECW Press; 2020).

If you’ve bought any books recently from Barnes & Noble, your information my have been compromised.

Review of “The Southland” by Johnny Shaw (Agora Books; 2020)

Review of Keven McQueen’s “Weird Wild West” (Indiana University Press; 2019) at the Cleveland Review of Books.

New fiction by Lance Mason at Close to the Bone.

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