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Incident Report No. 95

At Unlawful Acts, Incident Report No. 95 is out and it’s a doozy: over 100 links to articles, book reviews, short stories, and books.

With so much information out there, as well as many other bloggers doing fantastic aggregation, I’ve trying to do something a bit different. On Monday through Saturday, the Small Crimes posts will be restricted to six stories and one book. And then on Sunday, the filters are off and you are basically trying to drink from a fire hose of weekly crime links. Today’s Incident Report has over 100 links. Enjoy.

Over at the All Due Respect zine, we are accepting submissions for 2021. We are looking for “hard-as-nails” crime fiction and we pay $25 at publication. If you are wondering what we mean by hard-as-nails, the first story we published in 2020, Stephen D. Rogers’s “Mad Dog”, is a great example. Also at the end of the year, we gather all the short stories and publish them in book form.

I cannot stress this enough, but both Chris Rhatigan and I would love publish more stories from women, writers of color and other marginalized voices, so please, send us your short fiction.


Rachel Howzell Hall’s South L.A. novel “And Now She’s Gone” featured in the Los Angeles Times.

How “Blacktop Wasteland” by S.A. Cosby wasn’t on this list is astounding.

A wonderful article about crime fiction getting back to its roots, the voices of the Invisibles and how writers of color are leading the way.

“A New Language of Literature: Borges on Universalism and Nationalism” by Matt Bluemink at 3:AM Magazine

Joshua Isard, author of “Conquistador of the Useless” (Cinco Puntos Press), on trusting the reader.

Cullen Thomas continues his interviews with writers/ex-cons, this time with Gustavo Alvarez, author of “Prison Ramen”.

On the successes and constraints of exploiting a lexicon of equivalent and opposite unit of language expressions whist scripting characters at Kill Zone.

“How to Set Up a Bookstore on an Author Website: The Beginner’s Guide” at The Digital Reader

Thirty Everyday Phrases that Perpetuate the Oppression of Indigenous Peoples at the Radical Copyeditor.

“Sexism and Science Fiction: An Interview with Tang Fei” at Words Without Borders.

Because we have this sick need to rank everything, “A Definitive Ranking of Tana French Novels”.

The podcasters and writers Layne Fargo and Wendy Heard talk amongst themselves.

“What Happens When Literary Events Move Online?” by Anna Leahy, Sam Riask, and Tryphena Yeboah at LitHub.

Interview with Ron Corbett, author of “Mission Road” (ECW Press; 2020).

“‘American Psycho,’ ‘American Beauty,’ ‘American Pie’: White Male Rage at the Turn of the Millennium” at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Interview with Isabel Allende at Fictions Writers Review.

The First Two Pages: “The Hollywood Gangster” by R.J. Koreto at Art Taylor’s blog.

If you’ve bought any books recently from Barnes & Noble, your information my have been compromised.

The Digital Reader with some instructions on how to set up and run daily website backups.

James Crumley‘s Unofficial Rules for Writing.

Interview with V.M. Burns, author of “Steal Away”, the third book in her RJ Franklin Mystery series.

A wonderful article about bookselling in the time of COVID.

Interview with August Norman, author of the “Sins of the Mother” (Crooked Lane Books; 2020) at Killer Nashville.

Gregory Maguire, author of “Wicked”, on writing by hand.

“We All Live in Don DeLillo’s World. He’s Confused by It Too” as The New York Times.

Interview with J.J. Hensley at The Real Book Spy.

New issue of The Molotov Cocktail is out.

Chloe Maveal on lesbian pulp fiction at CrimeReads.

A conversation with Chuck D at The Quietus.

Say what? The Incident Report came out yesterday.

No one talks about the consequences of a bear shifter romance.

Ivy Pachoda interviews Smith Henderson and John March Smith, authors “Make Them Cry” (Ecco; 2020).

New Releases for Week of October 11, 2020 at dru’s book musings.

“Murder, Molotov Cocktails, and Burning Police Stations: Black Lives Matter, White Feminism, ‘Three Billboards,’ and Intersectionality” by Jerrine Tan at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Interview with Rea Frey, author of “Until I Find You” (St. Martin’s Press; 2020).

Book Reviews

Review of “Light into Ink: A Critical Survey of 50 Film Novelizations” S.M. Guariento (2019) at Bookgasm.

Review of “The Southland” by Johnny Shaw (Agora Books; 2020)

Review of “Cradle of the Deep” by Dietrich Kalteis (ECW Press; 2020)

Review of “Black Stiletto: Endings and Beginnings” by Raymond Benson (Oceanview Publishing, 2020).

Review of “The Hardest Hit”, a children’s book by Frank Scalise aka Frank Zafiro at Col’s Criminal Library.

“The Magic of Terry Pratchett” by Marc Burrows at LitReactor.

Review of Keven McQueen’s “Weird Wild West” (Indiana University Press; 2019) at the Cleveland Review of Books.

Review of “The Silence” by Don DeLillo at The Millions.

Review of “Map’s Edge” by David Hair (Jo Fletcher Books; 2020) at The Tattooed Book Geek.

Review of “The Domino Killer” by Neil White (Sphere Books; 2016) at

Review of Kim Stanley Robinson’s “The Ministry for the Future” at neverimitate.

Review of “Growing Things and Other Stories” by Paul Tremblay (William Morrow; 2019)

Review of “The Kingdom” by Joe Nesbo (2020) at Crime Fiction Lover.

Review of “The Mathematical Murder of Innocence” by Michael Carter (The Book Guild; 2020) at Crime Fiction Lover.

Review of “Dead Man in a Ditch” by Luke Arnold (Orbit; 2020).

Review of “Shelter in Place” by David Leavitt (Bloomsbury; 2020) at the Washington Independent Review of Books.

Review of “The House on Abigail Lane” by Kealan Patrick Burke at Black Guys Do Read.

Review of “Anything Short of Murder” by Tony Piazza (2010).

Review of “A Bullet for the Bride” by John Messmann (1972).

Review of “The Rage” by Gene Kerrigan (Europa Editions; 2012) at Kevin’s Corner

Review of “Stanley Kubrick: American Filmmaker” by David Mikics (Yale University Press; 2020) at Washington Monthly.

Review of “Truth Lies Bleeding” by Tony Black (Stark House Press; 2020/2011) at Bookgasm.

Review of “Recursion” by Blake Crouch (Crown; 2019) at Do Some Damage.

Stories and Poetry

Monday kicked off Bishop Rider Week at Punk Noir Magazine with the short story, “Fire in the Hole” by Beau Johnson.

New fiction by Paul McDonald at Fictive Dream.

New poetry by Kristin Garth.

Two poems from Ian Lewis Copestick at Punk Noir Magazine

“Ruin and Pain”, a short story, by Beau Johnson.

New fiction by Kevin Tasker at Flash Fiction Magazine.

New poetry by Bruce Morton.

New fiction by Melissa Bowers.

“Like Minded Individuals”, a Biship Rider short story, by Beau Johnson at Punk Noir Magazine.

New poetry by Joumana Altallal.

New fiction by Lance Mason at Close to the Bone.

New flash fiction from Gordon Pinckheard.

New poetry by Mark James Andrews.

Beau Johnson’s short story, “A Better Kind of Hate”, at Punk Noir Magazine.

New flash fiction by Tim Seyfert.

New poetry by Dan Provost at The Rye Whiskey Review.

New flash fiction from Andrew Davie at Bristol Noir.

New short fiction from Andy Rausch.

“The Only Thing That Fits” by Beau Johnson at Punk Noir Magazine.

New fiction by Charlotte Derrick at Flash Fiction Magazine.

“Mayonnaise, The Bastard” by Andrew Davie at Shotgun Honey.

New fiction by Mark McConville at Bristol Noir.

New fiction by Jim Woessner at Close to the Bone.

Poetry by Charles Rammelkamp at The Five-Two.

“Error Printer Jam”, a short story, by Calen MacDonald.

Right Place, Wrong Time, a short story, by Paul D. Brazill

New fiction by Susan Mockler at Flash Fiction Magazine.

Short fiction by John Weagly at Shotgun Honey.


Kim Johnson, author of “This is My America”, interviewed on the Crime Writers of Color podcast.

The third episode of “The Disembodied Parts: A Rhapsody” is out, it’s Pablo D’Stair reading his latest novel. You’ve got to check it out.

Eric Van Lustbader is interviewed on Wrong Place, Write Crime.

Interview with Cinelle Barnes, editor of “A Measure of Belonging: Twenty-one Writers of Color on the New South” (Hub City Press; 2020).

Interview with Laura Bogart, author of “Don’t You Know I Love You” Dzanc Books).

The latest episode of Writer Types feels like an episode of “St. Elsewhere” with Dr. Ian K Smith, Dr. Joel Shulkin, and Dr. John Bishop.

Interview with Mark Edward Langley, author of “Death Waits in the Dark” (Blackstone Publishing; 2020) at It’s a Mystery.

Researching the FCK out of Things with Cory Doctorow at Writing Excuses.

Ayad Akhtar, author of “Homeland Elegies” interviewed on the Los Aneles Review of Books podcast.

Art, Film, and Photography

Fragments of Noir continues their Big Lonely City noir photography series.

Review of “Killing Them Softly,” directed by Andrew Dominik.

The artwork of Claudio Parentela is featured at Punk Noir Magazine.

Review of “Arm in Arm”, the new album from Steep Canyon Rangers.

Fragments of Noir continues its illustration series, “Dirty Femmes”.

Scott Adlerberg reviews “Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror” directed by Xavier Burgin (2019) at Do Some Damage.

David Cranmer reviews “Man of the West” directed by Anthony Mann (1958)

Illustrations by Leonard Pytlak.

The fabulous Big Lonely City photography series continues at Fragments of Noir.

Featured Books

Dig Two Graves

Andrew Davie (Close to the Bone; 2020)

The Better of the Bad

J.J. Hensley (Down & Out Books; 2020)


Emergency Powers

James McCrone


The Unstable One

Mike McCrary



John Bowie (Red Dog Press; 2020)



Christopher Chambers (Three Rooms; 2020)


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