Weird Detectives, a Rattlesnake Rodeo, and the Widow Malmon

Monday’s Small Crimes features Kate and Dan Malmon, Paul Green, Lis Wiehl, Ruth Sawtell, Nick Kolakowski, Paul D. Brazill, and Beau Johnson. #sixlinksandabook

“Revenge of the Widow Malmon” edited by Kate and Dan Malmon (Down & Out Books; 2020) is out today.

“Worlds of Weird: Paul Green on Weird Detectives” in Retreats from Oblivion: The Journal of NoirCon.

Interview with Lis Wiehl, author of “Hunting the Unabomber” (2020).

Review of “Too Many Bones / Blood From A Stone” by Ruth Sawtell Wallis. Here’s the review for the second of this two-book package. (Stark House Press; 1943,2020)

Review of “Rattlesnake Rodeo” by Nick Kolakowski (Down & Out Books; 2020).

New fiction from Paul D. Brazill.

The Bishop Rider Week comes to a end at Punk Noir Magazine with “Mamet and Son” by Beau Johnson.

All Due Respect is accepting short story submissions. We’d love to publish more stories from women, writers of color, and other marginalized voices. We pay $25 upon publication. Submission guidelines here.

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