Manhwa, Anarchy, and Nick Kolakowski

Monday’s Small Crimes features Nick Kolakowski, Korean Manhwa, Pulp Modern, Agatha Christie, Rob Pierce, Russ Lippitt, Cathi Unsworth, and J.B. Stevens. #sixlinksandabook

“Rattlesnake Rodeo” by Nick Kolakowski (Down & Out Books, 2020) is out.

“Riding the Wave: The Steady Rise of Korean Manhwa” by D.W. McKinney at Los Angeles Review of Books. Manwha is the Korean word for comics.

Review of the Summer 2020 Pulp Modern issue at EconoClash Review.

The New York Times’s guide to “The Essential Agatha Christie”.

Paul D. Brazill says of Rob Pierce’s “Blood by Choice” (All Due Respect, 2020) is a “cracking read”. That’s good enough for me. Brazill is also recommending “FTW: The Rise of the Anarchy March” by Russ Lippitt (2020).

Review of Cathi Unsworth’s “Bad Penny Blues” (Strange Attractor Press, 2020/2009) at 3:AM Magazine.

Punk Noir Magazine presents new poetry by J.B. Stevens.

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