NaNoWriMo, Western Noir, and Pablo D’Stair

Tuesday’s Small Crimes features Pablo D’Stair, NaNoWriMo, Nick Kolakowski, Brian Landers, Elizabeth Hand, Russell Day, and John Patrick Robbins. #sixlinksandabook

The final installment of Pablo D’Stair‘s five-novella Trevor English cycle is out, “this gun from Norman Court” (All Due Respect, 2020).

Jay Wilburn thinks NaNoWriMo is a terrible idea, but keeps on doing it anyway.

“Western Noir: Smashing Together Two Genres, What Do You Get?” by Nick Kolakowski at CrimeReads.

Review of “Awakening of Spies” by Brian Landers (Red Dog Press, 2020) at Col’s Criminal Library.

Lisa Levy on Elizabeth Hand’s Cassy Neary series.

New fiction by Russell Day at Bristol Noir.

New poetry by John Patrick Robbins at Punk Noir Magazine.

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