Nigel Bird, Gareth Spark, and Duke Ellington

Wednesday’s Small Crimes features Nigel Bird, Scott Alderberg, Jay Wilburn, Gareth Spark, Dylan Jones, Blake Johnson, Duke Ellington, Charlie Mingus, and Max Roach. #sixlinksandabook

“My Funny Valentine” by Nigel Bird (Down & Out Book, 2020), the second in The Rat Pack Series, is out.

Scott Alderberg on the forgotten pleasure of browsing in a bookstore at Do Some Damage.

Jay Wilburn recommends some writing and creativity books that aren’t the usual suspects one usually comes across at LitReactor.

Review of “The Dark Earth of Albion” by Gareth Spark (Plastic Brain Press, 2020) at Tom Leins’s Dirty Books.

New fiction from Dylan H. Jones at Punk Noir Magazine.

The fiction by Blake Johnson at Bristol Noir.

I’ve never heard of this album before, “Money Jungle” by the greats Duke Ellington, Charlie Mingus, and Max Roach. Here’s a review from The Paris Review and here is the Spotify playlist.

All Due Respect is accepting short story submissions. We’d love to publish more stories from women, writers of color, and other marginalized voices. We pay $25 upon publication. Submission guidelines here.

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