J. Travis Grundon, Cancel Culture, and Ted Flanagan

Tuesday’s Small Crimes features J. Travis Grundon, Janet Evanovich, Cancel Culture, Gabino Iglesias, Ted Flanagan, Mark McConville, Sharon Waller Knutson, and more. #sixlinksandabook

“Damaged Goods”, a short story collection, by J. Travis Grundon (2020).

A fantastic essay in The New York Times by Ligaya Mishan, “The Long and Tortured History of Cancel Culture”.

Gabino Iglesias on agents, can’t live with them, can’t stuff them in a sack.

Interview with crime fiction master Janet Evanovich at CrimeReads.

New flash fiction by Ted Flanagan at Shotgun Honey.

New fiction by Mark McConville at Bristol Noir.

New poetry by Sharon Waller Knutson at The Five-Two.

All Due Respect is accepting short story submissions. We’d love to publish more stories from women, writers of color, and other marginalized voices. We pay $25 upon publication. Submission guidelines here.

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