Jason Beech, Erika T. Wurth, and Elizabeth Montgomery

Small Crimes Thursday features Jason Beech, Babou 691, KKUURRTT, Tex Gresham, Erika T. Wurth, Full Stop, Astrophil Press, William Hjortsberg, CrimeReads, Andrew Nette, Kevin Tipple, All Due Respect, Elizabeth Montgomery, David Cranmer, Western Fictioneers, Mrs. Sundance, Tom Quiller, Punk Noir Magazine, John Wisniewski, and more.

The second book of Jason Beech’s City of Forts series is out and it’s called “American Spartan” (2020). It’s going for .99¢ right now, so get on it.

Tom Quiller, author of “Evergreen” (Dream Paladin Books, 2020), is interviewed by John Wisniewski at Punk Noir Magazine.

Interview with Erika T. Wurth, author of “Buckskin Cocaine” (Astrophil Press, 2017) at Full Stop.

“The Long, Dark Legacy of William Hjortsberg’s Supernatural Neo-Noirs” by Andrew Nette at CrimeReads.

Kevin Tipple reviews “All Due Respect 2020” edited by Chris Rhatigan and yours truly.

Growing up watching “Bewitched” and loving Elizabeth Montgomery in “The Legend of Lizzie Borden”, I’m interested in watching the TV movie “Mrs. Sundance” (1974) that was reviewed by David Cranmer in Western Fictioneers.

KKUURRTT and Tex Gresham chat about Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe’s film “Greener Gass” at Babou 691.

All Due Respect is accepting short story submissions. We’d love to publish more stories from women, writers of color, and other marginalized voices. We pay $25 upon publication. Submission guidelines here.

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