Small Crimes: Thursday Reads

Scott Adlerberg’s essay on “Coffin & Co.” by Njami Simon (Mystery Tribune)

“The Traditional Mystery: A Roundtable Discussion – Nominees for the Agatha Award Weigh In on the State of the Cozy” (CrimeReads)

Graham Wynd, author of “Love is a Grift”, interviewed (The Big Thrill)

Terrence McCauley, author of “Dark Territory”, interviewed by Dana King (One Bite at a Time)

Mary Norris and Benjamin Dreyer interviewed about grammar and such (Literary Hub)

Freelance editor Dana Isaacson on comma rules (Career Authors)

2019 Derringer Awards winners announced (The Short Mystery Fiction Society Blog)

Short Story: “The Ensenada Incident” by Jesse Heels Rawlins (Flash Fiction Offensive)

Podcast: Eric Beetner and S.W. Lauden interviewed Sophie Hannah, Angie Kim, and Crime Writers of Color (Writer Types)

Book: “A Time For Violence” edited by Andy Rausch and Chris Roy (Close to the Bone, 2019)


Small Crimes: Wednesday Reads

Before you go on, please read the article by Jacqueline Sheehan, “Lee Child and Paul Doiron on strong, interesting, complex female characters”. (The Writer)

Nick Kolakowski’s response, “Ignorance About The Current State Of Crime Fiction Is Rampant” (Mystery Tribune)

Paul D. Marks on flash fiction and Jorge Luis Borges (SleuthSayers)

“Don’t Ditch the Adverb, the Emoji of Writing” by Gary Nunn (The Guardian)

Short Story: “A Heart Within Me” by Ilan Mochari (Tough)

Podcast: Wendy Heard interviewed by Angel Luis Cólon (the bastard title)

Book: “Monkey Justice” by Patricia Abbott (Down & Out Books, 2019)


Small Crimes: Tuesday Reads

Kate Laity interviewed by Mick Rose (Center Stage with Mick Rose)

Paula Benson interviewed ALL the 2019 Agatha nominees for Shorty Story. All of them. (Writers Who Kill)

Erin Kelly, author of “Stone Mothers”, wrote that psychological thrillers have always been here. (CrimeReads)

Short Story: “Company” by Ed Aymar (Out of the Gutter)

Podcast: The boys interview Matt Wesolowski (Two Crime Writers and a Microphone)

Book: “Come and Get Me” by August Norman (Crooked Lane Books, 2019)


Small Crimes: Saturday Reads

Rachel Howzell Hall, author of “They All Fall Down”, interviewed (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Katherine Hall Page, author of the Faith Fairchild series, interviewed (BOLO Books)

Art Taylor on winning an Edgar (Art Taylor, Writer)

William Boyle interviewed Don Winslow (Southwest Review)

E. A. (Ed) Aymar, Angie Kim, Nik Korpon, and Anjili Babbar chat (BOLO Books)

Mark Alpert, author of “The Coming Storm”, on writing short stories (Kill Zone)

Short Story: “Terry’s Car” by Matthew Borczon (Punk Noir Magazine)

Podcast: J. Todd Scott, author of “The Far Empty” interviewed (Reading and Writing Podcast)

Book: “Bivouac” by Kwame Dawes (Akashic Books, 2019)


Small Crimes: Friday Reads

Angel Luis Colón and Jay Stringer on Otto and other things (bastard title and Do Some Damage respectively)

Interview with Rob Hart, author of the short story collection “Take-Out” and the upcoming novel “The Warehouse” (MysteryPeople)

Craig Sisterson on the work of Jørn Lier Horst, author of “The Katharina Code” (Crime Fiction Lover)

“High Art in a Low Place: On Don Winslow’s ‘The Border'” (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Edgar Award Winners 2019 (CrimeReads)

Short Story: “Shakedown in Deadtown” by W. E. Wertenberger (Close to the Bone)

Podcast: Frank Zafiro interviewed Michael Pool (Wrong Place, Write Crime)

Book: “The Ringmaster” by Vanda Symon (Orenda Books, 2019)


Small Crimes: Thursday Reads

Here’s something I wrote, “Ain’t No Party Like an Otto Penzler Party” (Do Some Damage)

Nathan Blackwell, author of “The Sound of Her Voice”, interviewed (Crime Fiction Lover)

Shannon Kirk, author of “Gretchen”, on beta readers (The Thrill Begins)

The State of the Mystery: Part 2 of a Roundtable Discussion (CrimeReads)

Short Story: New Flash Bang Mysteries is out.

Podcast: Debut episode. Frank Bill interviewed Benjamin Whitmer (House of Grit)

Book: “Breaking the Lore” by Andy Redsmith (Canelo, 2019)


Small Crimes: Wednesday Reads

Patricia Abbott’s husband Phillip passed away. Abbott is best known as a short story writer and the mother of Megan Abbott. My thoughts are with Patti and her family. (Pattinase)

The State of the Mystery: Part 1 of a Roundtable Discussion (CrimeReads)

Make sure you stop by J. Kingston Pierce’s blog for all the news in crime fiction (The Rap Sheet)

On the costs of running an independent bookstore (Chicago Tribune)

Short Story: “Family Guy?” by Paul Matts (Punk Noir Magazine)

Podcast: Angel Luis Colón interviewed Nik Korpon (the bastard title)

Book: “Tainted Love” by T.S. Hunter (Red Dog Press, 2019). You can read Colman Keane’s review.


Small Crimes: Tuesday Reads

Nisha Singh, author of The Bhrigu Mahesh Mysteries, wrote about psychology as a science (The Strand Magazine)

Neil White, author of “The Innocent Ones” (Hera Books), interviewed (Compulsive Readers)

J. David Osborne’s “The Minor Storm” (Broken River Books) reviewed (Dead End Follies)

Short Story: “The Rule of Three” by Albert Tucher (Shotgun Honey)

Podcast: Nancie Clare interviewed Mariah Fredericks, author of “Death of a New American” (Speaking of Mysteries)

Book: “Down to the River” edited by Tim O’Mara (Down & Out Books, 2019)


Small Crimes: Monday Reads

Yes, even though there is an Incident Report out today, there are still plenty of other things to read about.

“A Tasting Menu of Female Representation” by Crystal Lynn Hilbert includes the famous Bechdel Test as well as the Mako Mori, the Sexy Lamp, and others. (Reddit via Tumblr)

An essay by Chris Offutt, “Salt and Prepper” (Oxford American)

Makes sense: “Smell Your Story” by James Scott Bell (Kill Zone) and “Writing Horror Using All Five Senses” by Repo Kempt (Lit Reactor)

“All of Us Are Out Here Endlessly Buying New Notebooks” by Kaila Hale-Stern (The Mary Sue)

Podcast: Frank Zafiro interviewed Travis Richardson, author of “Bloodshot and Bruised” (Self-Published, 2018) (Wrong Place, Write Crime)

Book: “Shadow Moon” by Alexandra Sokoloff (Self-Published, 2019)


Small Crimes: Saturday Reads

Isabella Maldonado, Tracy Clark, And Tori Eldridge talked city culture and diversity (Mystery Tribune)

Chris Rhatigan interviewed Paul Heatley, author of “Guillotine” (All Due Respect)

Kristopher Zgorski interviewed Lauren O’Brien of Malcolm Avenue Review (BOLO Books)

Janet Rudolph has an exhaustive list of Easter mysteries (Mystery Fanfare)

CrimeReads has an article about the best endings in 2018 crime fiction. I won’t link to it, but if you want to ruin your future reading, go forth.

Short Story: “The Ballad of One Man and Two Man” by Peter Caffrey (Close to the Bone)

Podcast: Steve Cavanagh and Luca Veste chatted. If you fast forward over the Goat game, it’s a great episode. (Two Crime Writers and a Microphone)

Magazine: “Switchblade: Issue 9” (April 2019) featuring Paul D. Marks, Glenn A. Bruce, John Kojak, J. Rohr, Willie Smith, Richard Risemberg, A.F. Knott, Stefen Styrsky, Fred Rock, Mark Slade, and Jack Bates.