The Fury of Blacky Jaguar by Angel Luis Colón

Angel Luis Colón’s The Fury of Blacky Jaguar (One Eyed Press) tells the story of Blacky Jaguar, an Irish criminal looking for Polly in the New York metropolitan area. The first chapter begins with Blacky beating questioning an old associate in an auto mechanic’s garage. Blacky gives zero fucks but does so with a smile.

To say that the first chapter finally winds down is an understatement to the runaway feeling the reader experiences as Blacky’s violence remains at full throttle throughout. After giving a beating and a gunshot to the garage owner, Blacky finds out a name and location to pursue Polly. But Blacky is still not done with his victim.

“I should shoot you again for making me come out to Staten Island.” Blacky stood up. Slipped his jacket off. Rolled up the sleeves of his wrinkled dress shirt. It was unbuttoned. A tattoo of Bettie Page draped his midsection. She was holding the sacred heart of Jesus. Underneath his navel, the word ‘Rebel’ written in Garamond type face. “Still gotta fuck you up.”

One of the great things about The Fury of Blacky Jaguar is that Colón keeps up the energy from the beginning to the end. Blacky struts about New York City literally kicking ass and taking names. And while Blacky brings a violent and bloody chaos to the outlying boroughs, red flags go up at an FBI satellite office in Queens about Blacky’s antics.  Special Agent Linda Chen who is on her superior’s shit list has chased Blacky for years. She reluctantly hands over her file on Blacky her partner, SA Iris Delgado and heads out with her to an emergency room in Staten Island to question the garage owner, Frank.

“Special Agent Linda Chen.” She slipped the badge back into her pants pocket. Inspected Frank’s wounds—no rhyme or reason to the bumps, bruises, and gashes. It was classic Blacky. “I see you’ve met someone I’m looking for.” She dragged a chair over and sat facing him.

The Fury of Blacky Jaguar is a non-stop fun-filled book with beatings, twists, and some laughs. If you like your crime fiction with violent mayhem, this book might be just for you. After finishing Colón’s great Blacky novella, I found out that there is a new one on its way. I know I’ll have to wait, but I don’t want to.

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