Home Invasion, Roller Derby, and George Jones

Small Crimes: Monday Reads

“Home Invasion, Roller Derby, and George Jones – Small Crimes: Monday Reads” features Rob Pierce, Tess Makovesky, Stephen Graham Jones, and more.

Article: “Incident Report No. 87” comes at you with Chris Rhatigan on writing short stories, Max Booth III on trigger warnings, lots of Dana King, and much more. (Unlawful Acts)

Article: “Roller Derby and Mystery” by A.J. Devlin (Do Some Damage)

Article: “Thrillers Bring The Light” by James Scott Bell (Kill Zone)

Listicle: “25 Classic But Lesser-Known Crime Novels to Read in Lockdown, From King Dido to the Sam Dean Series” by Sarah Hughes (inews)

Book Review: “Tommy Shakes” by Rob Pierce (All Due Respect Books) (Col’s Criminal Library)

Book Review: “Rigged” by D.P. Lyle (Oceanview) (Lesa’s Book Critiques)

Book Review: “The Only Good Indians” by Stephen Graham Jones (Saga Press) (Malcolm Avenue Reviews)

Photographs: Big Lonely City #101 (Fragments of Noir)

Music: Drug dealers put up George Jones reel-to-reel tapes as bail decades ago (Saving Country Music)

Book: “Raise the Blade” by Tess Makovesky (Amazon)

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Grifters, Morgues, and Lansdale

Still Life with a Suitcase by Scott Eubanks | Grifters, Morgues, Lansdale | Small Crimes: Tuesday Reads

Small Crimes: Tuesday Reads

“Grifters, Morgues, and Lansdale” features S.A. Cosby, Stephen Graham Jones, Megan Abbott, Scott Eubanks, Kurt Vonnegut, morgue life, and child killers.

Article: “Incident Report No. 85” came out yesterday (Unlawful Acts)

Article: “What Really Goes On In The Morgue” by Garry Rodgers. Rodgers is a writer and a retired homicide detective and forensic coroner (The Kill Zone)

Interview: S.A. Cosby sat down to talk about his new book, “Blacktop Wasteland” (Flatiron) (Publishers Weekly)

Article: How independent bookstores are taking a run at Amazon (The Stranger)

Interview: Stephen Graham Jones on writing, “The Only Good Indians”, and inspirations. (more2read)

Article: “‘The Streets Look So Empty’: How a Child Killer Haunted My First Novel” by Megan Abbott (The New York Times)

Book Review: “Of Mice and Minestrone: Hap and Leonard: The Early Years” by Joe Lansdale (Tachyon) (Bookgasm)

New Release: “Still Life with a Suitcase” by Scott Eubanks (Down & Out Books)

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