Favorite Reads of 2017 and Other Lists

favorite2017Best lists are bunk. One of the reasons is that it is impossible to read all the crime fiction books (major or small press) and come up with a list. There are other reasons, but what Best of lists are good for is adding books to your TBR.

I’ve split this list into four parts and the part most people have come to read is at the end.

Favorite Books of 2017 That I Didn’t Read But Other People Really Seemed to Enjoy

A Better Kind of Hate by Beau Johnson (Down & Out Books)
The Blade This Time by Jon Bassoff (DarkFuse / Down & Out Books)
Darkansas by Jarrett Middleton (Dzanc Books)
Human Trees by Matthew Revert (Broken River Books)
In the Still by Jacqueline Chadwick (Fahrenheit Press)
Kingdom Cons by Yuri Herrera (And Other Stories)
The Lockpicker by Leonard Chang (Black Heron Press)
The Man Who Died by Antti Tuomainen (Orenda Books)
Roughneck by Jeff Lemire (Gallery 13)
The Sarah Book by Scott McClanahan (Tyrant Books)
Zero Avenue by Dietrich Kalteis (ECW Press)

Favorite Books of 2017 from the Majors, But This is a Small Press Blog So They Get Put Here

The Force by Don Winslow (William Morrow)
The Savage by Frank Bill (FSG Originals)
She Rides Shotgun by Jordan Harper (Ecco)

Here are Books that Almost Made My Favorite Books of 2017, But Because of the Whims of My Mood and Caffeine Intake They Didn’t Make It; On Another Day They Could Have, Lists Are Weird That Way

American Static by Tom Pitts (Down & Out Books)
Dead Clown Blues by R. Daniel Lester (Shotgun Honey)
Give Up the Dead by Joe Clifford (Oceanview Publishing)
Invisible Dead by Sam Wiebe (Quercus)
Lightwood by Steph Post (Polis Books)
A New and Different Kind of Pain by Daniel Vlasaty (All Due Respect Books)
Snare by Lilja Sigurdardóttir (Orenda Books)
Sparkle Shot by Lina Chern (Fahrenheit Books)
Three Hours Past Midnight by Tony Knighton (Crime Wave Press)
Through the Ant Farm by Robert Leland Taylor (ABC Group Documentation)
With the Right Enemies by Rob Pierce (All Due Respect Books)
The Woman from Prague by Rob Hart (Polis Books)

Favorite Books of 2017

The Broken Country by Court Merrigan (BEAT to a PULP)
Dark Chapter by Winnie M. Li (Polis Books)
Heathenish by Kelby Losack (Broken River Books)
A Negro and an Ofay by Danny Gardner (Down & Out Books)
Ragged; Or, the Loveliest Lies of All by Chris Irvin (Cutlass Press)
The Student by Iain Ryan (Bonnier Publishing Australia/Echo)
What We Reckon by Eryk Pruitt (Polis Books)

God, I hope I didn’t forget a book.

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[…] I usually don’t feature awards in the Incident Report, but this week I want to change that up with two of the Shamus Award Nominees for Best First P.I. Novel. The first is Danny Gardner’s A Nego and an Ofay (Down & Out Books) which I reviewed back in July 2017.  A Negro and an Ofay also made my list of Favorite Books of 2017. […]

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