Unlawful Acts is a blog about crime fiction books filled with news and reviews. Over at Do Some Damage, Sam Belacqua said that Unlawful Acts is “helping spread the word about other authors, and I give a shit about that.” Chris McGinley wrote, “David Nemeth manages to cull from a host of publishers and online sites to deliver a truly comprehensive, and frequent, assessment of independent crime writing.”

David Nemeth
David Nemeth lives in Wilmington, Delaware with his wife, son, and two dogs. He is a graduate of Emerson College with a BFA in Creative Writing. He is the editor of Unlawful Acts, a columnist at Do Some Damage and has written for The Thrill Begins. He has had crime fiction published in Flash Fiction Offensive and Shotgun Honey. His poetry has appeared in Lost & Found Times, Mudfish, Old Red Kimono, and Spore 2.0. He was also in “The First Hay(Na)Ku Anthology”. You can reach David at david.nemeth@gmail.com, Facebook, Twitter.

Here’s our disclaimer: Sometimes authors send us books, sometimes publishers, sometimes publicists. Other times we buy books or, heaven forbid, take them out of the library. We like books and we really like crime fiction books. No one tells us what to write, not even a suggestion, and we don’t make any money from this blog. As a matter of fact, our book addiction costs us money. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.