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Incident Report No. 70

The Incident Report covers the world of small press crime fiction for the week of January 12th through January 18th.

The Incident Report covers the world of small press crime fiction for the week of January 12th through January 18th.

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The big news was that Mary Oliver passed away. Not only was Oliver the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, she was also “one of the best-selling poets in the country” according to her New York Times obituary. You can read some of her poems at the Poetry Foundation.

Taylor Stevens, author of the Vanessa Michael Munroe Series and her new book “Liars’ Paradox” (Kensington), wrote about the oddity and normality of growing up in a cult and her eventual escape, “I didn’t expect to be anything when I grew up because I didn’t expect to grow up, I expected to die.”

Steve Powell interview one of the most important crime writers, Joseph Wambaugh. The interview at Powell’s blog is worth your time.

We visited Truman one summer afternoon where his house guest included a bartender from a famous New York saloon whose names escapes me at the moment. Dee was given a screwdriver and got very sleepy. Truman suggested it was the intense desert heat of the day and led her to his bedroom where she could lie down. While she was there I told Truman and his bartender friend the story of “The Onion Field” that I was thinking about researching and writing. When I was finished he said, “I would love to write that story.” When Truman said that, I knew I would do it.

Some other interviews to read include those featuring Oyinkan Braithwaite, Chris Rhatigan, Nick Kolakowski, Barbara Ross, Joanna Schaffhause, and Dana King.

My column for Do Some Damage last week, “The Evil We All Do”, about we can do as writers and, more importantly, as consumers what we should do about Amazon.

Andrew Nette, author of “Gunshine State”, reviewed the 1969 film “Play Dirty” described on IMDB as “During the Desert War in North Africa, a group of British commandos disguised in Italian soldiers must travel behind enemy lines and destroy a vital Nazi oil depot.”

More importantly Nette wrote, “However, I seriously think ‘Play Dirty’ is as good if not better than ‘The Dirty Dozen’, if only for the fact that it is a British production and hence dishes out the cynicism and class politics in way even the toughest American film would find difficult.”

Okay, okay, I’ll give it a watch.

Keith Scribner, author of “Old Newgate Road”, wrote this excellent piece on rural noir on CrimeReads. I love it when one of the listicles goes against the norm.

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The cover artwork this week is by Glen Orbik, who is probably most famously known for his cover of Stephen King’s “Joyland”.

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