Choose Your Parents Wisely by Tom Trott

Review of Tom Trott’s “Choose Your Parents Wisely”. Self-published in June 2017.

Today marks my review of the second book of Tom Trott’s Brighton’s No. 1 Private Detective series, “Choose Your Parents Wisely”. Joe Grabarz, the protagonist of the series, has been ignoring the latest missing girl hubbub in Brighton. Things quickly change, first and foremost, an outrageous reward has been announced by the 8-year-old girl’s parents. Grabarz and the other two private eyes in Brighton are now hot on the trail.

I was a bit concerned picking up “Choose Your Parents Wisely” because it clocked in at almost 75,000 words while the first in the series was under 50,000. But my fears were unfounded. Whereas “You Can’t Make Old Friends” focused on one case and a lot of Brighton history–which was interesting–Trott weaves several plots throughout “Choose Your Parents Wisely” and loses a lot of the Brighton history. It is obvious in the reading of these two books that Trott loves Brighton. Hell, I might even visit Brighton if I even make it across the pond.

As I mentioned in my earlier review, Grabarz is a character pulled from 40s or 50s noir and plopped in the 21st century. This leads to some oddities, but overall, like the first book, Trott has created an enjoyable private detective novel with “Choose Your Parents Wisely”.


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