Wednesday’s Wickedness

Wednesday morning reads features Lucy Foley, Jessica Baylis, Steph Broadribb, Paul Matts, Katja Ivar, and some photographs.

Wednesday morning reads.

In “The Profoundly Unsettling World of Agatha Christie”, Lucy Foley writes that Christie’s books are about “what it is that drives normal folk to murder”. (CrimeReads)

“How It Happened” by Jessica Bayliss (The Thrill Begins)

“Deep Dirty Truth” by Steph Broadribb (Orenda Books, 2018) reviewed at the Curious Ginger Cat.

Photographs: “Big Lonely City #34” (Fragments of Noir)

Short Story: “Revenge Can Be Sweet” by Paul Matts (Punk Noir Magazine)

“Evil Things” by Katja Ivar (Bitter Lemon Press, 2019)

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