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Incident Report No. 76

The Incident Report covers the world of small press crime fiction for the week of May 5th through May 11th.

The Incident Report covers the world of small press crime fiction for the week of May 5th through May 11th.

Yesterday was Paul D. Brazill’s birthday. If you don’t know who Brazill is then you haven’t been paying much attention. Not only is Brazill a great writer of crime fiction, look at “Last Year’s Man” (All Due Respect) and “Small Time Crimes” (Close to the Bone), he is also a tireless promotor of other writers. Happy birthday, Paul.

One of the things I knew when I wrote “Writer’s Complaint (In Memes)” (Do Some Damage) was that I would lose some followers in social media. If you didn’t get a chance to read it I was surprised by comments on whether I had the right to question a god like Chuck Wendig as well as the delicate taint of so many writers.

A few days before, I wrote my Do Some Damage post, there was an unintentionally funny post by Sherry Harris, author of the Sarah Winston Garage Sale cozy series. Harris’s post “Can We Just Stop” (Wickeds) was chock full wonderment like this:

So to all of you who mock the cozy mystery genre, I invite you to write one, find an agent to represent you, get it published by a major publisher, get nominated for a major award, earn out your royalties, get positive reviews, get your contract renewed multiple times, have your editor ask you to write a second series, and hit a bestseller list. Maybe then you’ll understand that all writing is hard and give cozy writers a little respect.

To be clear, I’m not mocking the cozy genre, I’m mocking a professional writer who cries in an ice-filled white wine while cashing a check that’s hopefully large enough to buy another box of wine.

If you’re like me with limited knowledge of the LGBTQ+ crime writing then you’ll enjoy the essay “Edgar, Queer Authors, And New Readers: The Kids Are All Right” by Kristen Lepionka, author of the Roxane Weary mystery series.

Young Adult novels are some of the most inclusive, groundbreaking, and genre-bendingly inventive fiction being published today. It’s often refreshingly free of those tropes that can bog down genres like mystery, perhaps because it is written primarily to speak to readers who don’t give a crap about what a mystery is “supposed” to be.

Dharma Kelleher, author of the Jinx Ballou bounty hunter series, wrote “Writing While Trans Part 1: Bad Marketing Advice” at Do Some Damage. Thoroughly interesting.

So with all that, do you think I’m worried about alienating these same people as potential readers? Here’s a hint: the protagonist of one of my series is a lesbian outlaw biker. The other is a transgender woman working as a bounty hunter. The bigots are not my target market.

Who said this? “I’m not a sociopath.” Was it Ed Aymar, R.G. Belsky, or Gary Phillips? Read the articles to find out.

You can find all the new books you want here. Probably close to 100 independent crime books ready for you to buy.

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