Small Crimes: Monday Reads

Small Crimes Monday Reads features John Wick, Matthew X. Gomez, Broadswords and Blasters, Lauren Wilkinson, Los Angeles Review of Books, Joel Burcat, Headline Books, The Thrill Begins, Dru’s Book Musings, Andrew Nette, Matthew Asprey Gear, Jorvik Press, Lisa D. Jones, Close to the Bone, Gabriel Valjan, Authors on the Air, Benedict J Jones, and Crime Wave Press.

“Pulp Appeal: John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” by Matthew X. Gomez (Broadswords and Blasters)

Interview with Lauren Wilkinson, author of “American Spy” (Random House, 2019) (Los Angeles Review of Books)

What exactly are eco-thrillers? Joel Burcat, author of “Drink to Every Beast” (Headline Books, 2019) has that answer. (The Thrill Begins)

New Releases ~ Week of May 26, 2019 (Dru’s Booking Musings)

Book Review: “The Summer of Ellen” by Agnete Friis (Soho Crime, 2019) (NPR)

Book Review: Andrew Nette reviewed “Moseby Confidential: Arthur Penn’s ‘Night Moves’ and The Rise of Neo-Noir” by Matthew Asprey Gear (Jorvik Press, 2019) (Pulp Curry)

Short Story: “The Garden Room” by Lisa D. Jones (Close to the Bone)

Podcast: Gabriel Valjan, author of “The Naming Game” (Winter Goose Publishing, 2019) , interviewed by Pam Stack (Authors on the Air)

Book: “The Gingerbread Houses” by Benedict J Jones (Crime Wave Press, 2019)

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