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Cover Reveal: “After The Storm” by Marietta Miles

Cover reveal for “After The Storm” by Marietta Miles (Down & Out Books).

Frequent readers of this blog know that I am a huge fan of Marietta Miles’s work, “Route 12” (All Due Respect) and “May” (Down & Out Books). Her new book, “After The Storm”, picks up after the ending of “May”. I had the opportunity to read “After The Storm” a few months ago and found that Miles continues to kill it. She’s seriously good. “After The Fall” comes out on Down & Out Books this fall, so you still have time to read her first two books.

Miles writes about the cover and working with Eric Beetner on the final design.

From the beginning, I had certain things that I hoped would happen with my writing. Having Eric Beetner create a cover for me was on that list of hopes and aspirations. He is open and interested, therefore Eric knew I wanted the cover to be a physical imagining of May. Interestingly, while researching, he was surprised at the scarcity of images depicting women in mid-life. Thankfully, he worked through that challenge and delivered a beautiful cover.

Lastly, before we get to the reveal, here is the synopsis of “After The Storm”.



The island is left unlivable, and May, like so many others, has become a refugee. Drifting and wandering. Blindly trying to start life over. In this foggy chaos she treads to keep her head above water and to steady and buoy poor Tommy, a boy who might be too far gone to rescue.


Four hundred miles away, in a small dying town hidden high in the mountains, a disregarded teenager named Curtis and his unwilling sister Vicki run from the consequences of his violent proclivities. In a gassed-up Mustang, they head east, to the crystal coast, where they can hide and start over. Just like everyone else.

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