Small Crimes: Monday Reads

Small Crimes Monday reads features Nick Kolakowski, BOLO Books, Kristopher Zgorski, Gray Basnight, Mysteristas, Down & Out Books, Punk Noir Magazine, Ian Ayris, Fahrenheit Press, Jack Lynch, Colman Keane, Steve Weddle, 7 Minutes With, Holly West, Chris F. Holm, Jedidiah Ayres, The Molotov Cocktail, Aeryn Rudel, Paul de Denus, and Steve Campbell

Nick Kolakowski interviewed as part of the Composite Sketch series (BOLO Books)

Oh, I had my “stab” at the Composite Sketch two weeks ago. Much thanks to Kristopher Zgorksi for interviewing me in such a great series. (BOLO Books)

Gray Basnight, author of “Flight of the Fox” (Down & Out Books, 2019), on how real-life events inspire thriller fiction. (Mysteristas)

Book Review: “Abide With Me” and “April Skies” by Ian Ayris (Fahrenheit Press, 2019) (Punk Noir Magazine)

Book Review: “The Dead Never Forget” by Jack Lynch (1982) (Col’s Criminal Library)

Podcast: Steve Weddle chats with Holly West, Chris Holm, and Jedidiah Ayres in Time for Remakes (7 Minutes With)

Short Story: Stories by Aeryn Rudel, Paul de Denus, and Steve Campbell (The Molotov Cocktail)

Book: “Abide With Me” by Ian Ayris (Fahrenheit Press, 2019/2011)

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