Vaporwave, NYPD Blue, and Jason Parent

Friday morning’s Small Crime links feature Jason Parent, Gayle Lynds, Jacqui Lipton, Stanley Crouch, Yonder Southern Cocktails & Brew, and much more.

“White Trash and Dirty Dingoes” by Jason Parent (Shotgun Honey; 2020)

Hyperallergic examines the surrealist roots of vaporwave.

Gayle Lynds recounts the difficulties of trying to publish a spy novel as a woman.

Jacqui Lipton, founder of the Raven Quill Literary Agency, tells how to parse an agent’s rejection letter.

Stanley Crouch, the esteemed jazz critic, is dead at 74.

“The Otsego House”, a short story, by DAH at Close to the Bone.

“Carrion Heart”, a short story, by Nicholas Kish at Shotgun Honey.

“Becoming”, a short story, by Kyra Kondis at Cheap Pop.

Lisa Hall stops by to chat with the boys on Two Crime Writers and a Microphone.

Dana King on watching “NYPD Blue”.

Yonder’s benefit and virtual Noir at the Bar. All the readings are fantastic as each writer brought it …. whatever it is. If you have a spare dime or two, why don’t you buy a t-shirt or maybe Venmo them a tip.

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