Dystopia, Miller’s Crossing, and Joe Clifford

The Thursday edition of Small Crimes features Joe Clifford, Anthony Neil Smith, Gabriel Hart, Alison Stine, Jenny Bhatt, and more.

Joe Clifford‘s new book “The Lakehouse” is out at Polis Books.

Review of “Slow Bear” by Anthony Neil Smith (Fahrenheit Press; 2020) at Econoclash Review.

New short fiction by Gabriel Hart at Bristol Noir.

Alison Stine, author of “Road Out of Winter” (MIRA Books!; 2020) interviewed on the Unlikeable Female Characters podcast.

Review of “Culture in the Third Reich” by Moritz Föllmer, translated by Jeremy Noakes and Lesley Sharpe (Oxford; 2020).

Jenny Bhatt on the art of literary criticism.

Why “Miller’s Crossing” Is the Best Coen Brothers Movie

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