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Incident Report No. 98

At Unlawful Acts, Incident Report No. 98 is out and, well, it’s a lot of stories with links to essays, interviews, book reviews, fiction, poetry, and more.


Ever so often, I come across an article that I want to make sure you read. This is one of them. K.A. Laity’s “Folk Horror Noir?” is a fantastic essay weaving through Dorothy Hughes’s “Ride the Pink Horse” (1946), a definition of folk horror noir, and “heteronormative male gaze”.

Here’s a list of “Weird, Bloody, Wonderful Westerns” by Sadie Hartmann.

Adrian McKinty’s essay “The Extraordinary Mind of Philip K. Dick” is well worth your time.

Interview with Stephen Graham Jones at The Rumpus.

J. Kingston Pierce looks at the work of the largely-forgotten Stanley Ellin.

Scott Alderberg on the forgotten pleasure of browsing in a bookstore at Do Some Damage.

The crazy, mixed-up world of Pac Man ripoffs at Babou 691.

Jay Wilburn recommends some writing and creativity books that aren’t the usual suspects one usually comes across at LitReactor.

Thank fucking god, a book list at CrimeReads that doesn’t include “Girl on the Train”, Andrew Shaffer on the 21st-century slasher novel.

I’m including this article solely because of this opening line which piqued my interest, “The Soviet writer Andrei Platonov is a prime example of an author who manages to make his sentences work twice.

The rich love them some pedophilia even in literary France.

Some interesting picks for the best books of 2020 at LitReactor.

Holiday horrors at Electric Literature.

“The Best Southern Books of December 2020” from, you guessed it, the Southern Review of Books.

Matt Paust has some thoughts on Robert Coover’s short story, “You Must Remember This”.

The First Two Pages: “The Rock Star” by Frances Aylor at Art Taylor’s bog.

Interview with John Copenhaver, author of “Dodging and Burning”, at Tara Laskowki.

New Noir City magazine is out.

NPR’s Best Books Of 2020 is out. A better list of “best of” mystery books would be hard to find.


Review of “Matthew Henson and the Ice Temple of Harlem” by Gary Phillips (Agora Books, 2020) at Pulp Fiction Reviews.

Review of Jonathan Lethem’s “The Arrest” (Ecco, 2020) in the Sonora Review.

Review of “The Dark Earth of Albion” by Gareth Spark (Plastic Brain Press, 2020) at Tom Leins’s Dirty Books.

Review of Andrew Davie’s “Dig Two Graves” (Close to the Bone, 2020) at Bristol Noir.

Review of “Love, Kurt: The Vonnegut Love Letters, 1941–1945” edited by Edith Vonnegut (Random House, 2020)

Review of “Beyond the Truth” by Bruce Robert Coffin (Witness Impulse, 2018) at Kevin’s Corner.

Review of “The Tease” by Gil Brewer (1967) at Rough Edges.

Review of “The Silence” by Don DeLillo (Scribner, 2020) at the Los Angeles Review of Books

Review of “Blind Vigil” by Matt Coyle (Oceanview Publishing, 2020) at BOLO Books.

Review of “Pulp Reality 1: Action & Adventure Publication” edited by Charles Millhouse (Stormgate Press, 2020).

Review of “The Searcher” by Tana French at the Los Angeles Review of Books.


One of my side gigs is working as an editor for the monthly All Due Respect ‘zine. We released some new fiction by BV Lawson. Y’all should go read it now.

New flash fiction by David Nemeth, editor of this blog, at Punk Noir Magazine.

New fiction from ACF Wilson at Punk Noir Magazine.

New fiction – Welsh Christmas crime fiction – by Eamonn Griffin at Crime Cymru.

New fiction by Jim Woessner at Close to the Bone.

New flash fiction by Ian Ayris at Bristol Noir.

New fiction by Mark McConville at Punk Noir Magazine.

New fiction from Kieran Shea at Shotgun Honey.

New fiction from Dylan H. Jones at Punk Noir Magazine.

The fiction by Blake Johnson at Bristol Noir.

New fiction by L.P. Ring at Close to the Bone.

New flash fiction from Curtis Ippolito at Pulp Modern.

New fiction by Andrew Davie at Bristol Noir.

New fiction by Paul Beckman at Fictive Dream.

New fiction by David Tromblay at Bristol Noir.

New flash fiction by Brooks Mendell at Mystery Tribune.

New issue of The Molotov Cocktail is out and features Rebecca N. McKinnon, Tamara Rogers, and Hannah Hoare.

New fiction by Mike Zone at Punk Noir Magazine.

New flash fiction from Tim Craig at Ellipsis Zine.

New fiction by Tita Chico at Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

New fiction from Paul D. Brazill.

New flash fiction by Kip Knott at Flash Fiction Magazine.


New poetry by Angelina Mitescu at The Five-Two.

New poetry by Amy-Jean Muller at Close to the Bone.

New poetry by Jennifer Perrine at The Rumpus.

New poetry from Lauren Scharhag at The Rye Whiskey Review

New poetry by Mark James Andrews at The Rye Whiskey Review.

New poetry by John Patrick Robbins in The Rye Whiskey Review.

New poetry from Ian Lewis Copestick at Punk Noir Magazine.


Tim Waggoner, author of “Writing in the Dark” (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2020) is interviewed on the Ink Heist podcast.

Film and TV

“Farz” is the first Bollywood spy movie and this sentence from The Cultural Gutter article is why you’ll want to read about it: “I haven’t mentioned the plot yet because it hardly matters.”

Review of “The Lost Adventures of James Bond” by Mark Edlitz (Bowker, 2020) at We Are Cult.


I’ve never heard of this album before, “Money Jungle” by the greats Duke Ellington, Charlie Mingus, and Max Roach. Here’s a review from The Paris Review and here is the album on Spotify.

Dave Alvin on the touring life.

gorilla vs. bear’s albums of 2020.

Art and Photography

Illustrations by Greg Clark at Fragments of Noir.

Photographs by Roger Schall

The Big Lonely City photography series continues at Fragments of Noir.


Come on. With this cover and such a great title, this book deserves to be read. “Deer Shoots Man (then steals his cigarettes)” by Tyler Knight (Fahrenheit Press, 2020) is out now.

The new issue of Rock and a Hard Place is out and features Jay Bechtol, Michael Chin, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, Laura Dizon, Paul J. Garth, Dan Georgakas, Stephen J. Golds, Bruce Harris, Russell W. Johnson, Wilson Koewing, Diane Krauthamer, Susan Kuchinskas, Jeff Maschi, Jess Messier, Roger Nokes, Andrew Novak, Thomas Pluck, Richard Risemberg, Peter Rozovsky, Jason Mykl Snyman, Stefen Styrsky, N.B. Turner and Jane Young. Holy fuck, that’s a packed issue.

Hoosier Noir: Two, the anthology of Indiana crime stories, has been out for a few days. It features Serena Jayne, Don Stoll, Zakariah Johnson, Michael Bracken, C.W. Blackwell, Stephen J. Golds, Marianne Halber, and Joseph S. Walker.

“My Funny Valentine” by Nigel Bird (Down & Out Book, 2020), the second in The Rat Pack Series, is out.

“Boinking Bizarro”, a new anthology from Death’s Head Press is out featuring stories by Brian Asman, Danger Slater, John Wayne Comunale, Autumn Christian, Gina Ranalli, Betty Rocksteady, Christine Morgan, John Skipp, Whit Slorp, Cody Goodfellow, Chad Stroup, Charles Austin Muir, Michael Allen Rose, Max Booth III, Lucan Mangum, Chandler Morrison, Amy Vaughn, and Jessica McHugh.

The 13th issue of Switchblade is out. They call themselves “the world’s only no-limit outlaw noir magazine. The issue features Robert Ragan, David Harry Moss, Gene Breaznell, Serena Jayne, Jay Rohr, Brian Beatty, Elliot F. Sweeney, Stanton McCaffery, Danny Sophabmisay, Andrew Bourelle, George Garnet, David Rachels, Alec Cizak, and Serena Jayne.

All Due Respect is accepting short story submissions. We’d love to publish more stories from women, writers of color, and other marginalized voices. We pay $25 upon publication. Submission guidelines here.

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